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Android Authority considers Nintendo DS (NDS) as one of the best handheld consoles ever released. So drool, unfortunate, unlucky wretches with no money…let’s not get carried away here, because everyone can play DS games, unlucky or otherwise. Whether or not you can afford to buy a Nintendo DS, you can still enjoy DS games. All you need is an emulator for Android.

An emulator is software that enables one computer system or device to behave like another. In the case of the Nintendo DS, an emulator for Android takes the DS environment into any compatible Android device. It basically transforms a device into a handheld console, with some stark differences, of course.

So if you want to play Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on your Android, you can do so by installing an NDS emulator for Android. But with all the emulators to choose from, you’ll have to narrow down your options to the top 3 or top 5.

What makes a good NDS emulator for Android?

Capable of playing multiple games

There should only be one NDS emulator to play many DS game files. Otherwise, your Android device will have no other applications, but emulators. You might as well buy a Nintendo DS console. So make sure that the emulator you choose can deliver on this particular requirement.

Costs little to nothing

Everyone agree that free is so much better than freemium or freeware. Good thing Android is an open-source platform that comes with applications that cost less to nothing at all. So yes, you can get emulators for Android without spending a lot of money. What is even better is that they’re not low quality or have less impressive features. Make sure to read all information that comes with an emulator.

Comes with basic and extra features

Not all NDS emulators are created equal, which is why you should check out what each one has to offer. What every emulator must have, however, are the essentials for a smooth gameplay. It should also allow controller optimization and screen layout customization.

What are the top 3 NDS emulator?

  1. DraStic DS Emulator

It is at the top spot because it is the best NDS emulator for Android to date. It meets the requirements for a smooth gameplay and screen layout customization. Unfortunately, it is not free. In fact, it is one of the most expensive emulators available. Its performance and features, however, make it worth the $6 investment.

  1. AseDS

Not exactly the best emulator around, but there are several reasons why this takes the second spot.

  • It’s offered free of charge.
  • Comes with cheat codes, screen display options, custom button layout and performance options.
  • Mimics DS screens with its dual touch-screen interface.
  • Supports wireless controllers, and a range of game file types.

Moreover, smooth gameplay is guaranteed with AseDS.

  1. NDS Boy

This emulator for Android does not contain any in-app purchases, which makes it less annoying than any other Android applications. It also boasts of excellent performance with customizable game controls. The only downside is NDS Boy requires a high-end Android device to work properly.

Ready to use these NDS emulators for Android?