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Next year, Apple will release its iPhone 8 and Samsung will bring its Galaxy S8. However, it seems that there are already a good amount of users who are trying to figure out what new specifications and features these two handsets will have.

According to reports, the iPhone 8 will be released in three variants of models. If these reports will prove to be right (although we highly doubt), the 3rd handset will feature a display of 5-inch. On the other hand, there are other reports which are suggesting that Apple will actually stick with two models of iPhone 8.

Apple might also discard the metal casing and it will come with a glass-based design on the new iPhone 8. If reports will turn out to be right, the new devices will come with glass front and back panels that will be supplied by Chinese firms Lens Technology and Biel Crystal Manufactory, while Foxconn will probably manufacture the aluminum frame for the handset. Apple might finally bring the OLED technology to the iPhone 8 models, but there are still rumors which are suggesting that the company will still use the “old” LCD displays.

The Galaxy Note 7 was a total disaster for Samsung and this is the reason why the company will offer a free Galaxy S8 handset to whoever bought the phablet that has been released this year. The South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, will most likely try its best to bring a flawless Galaxy S8 or else it will lose a good amount of money. In other words, if the Galaxy S8 will come with some major issues, nobody will want to purchase handsets from this company anymore.

When it comes to features, the Galaxy S8 is expected to come with a fingerprint sensor for extra security. Since the Galaxy Note 7 major issue was the battery explosion, the company will need to make sure that this problem will no longer appear on the upcoming handset. Rumors say that Samsung will work closely with LG in order to bring a battery that will not only keep the handset alive for a good amount of time, but also make sure that it doesn’t overheat and explode.

Many smartphone owners care more about the camera specifications nowadays and Samsung understood that. Rumors say that the Galaxy S8 will feature a dual-primary camera with iris scanner.

Samsung will introduce its first ever 4K display when the Galaxy S8 will be released. It is good to know that this feature has been anticipated for quite a while and it was expected to be available on the Galaxy Note 7.