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When it comes to mobile operating systems, 3 names stand out – Apple, Google and Microsoft, which offers iOS 10, Android Nougat and Windows 10 Mobile, respectively. Each of these OS has features that make them different from one another, including those related in the game arena. But if you were only to choose based on performance as a game platform, which one would come out as the best?

Since it’s all about playing games on mobile, you should analyze and evaluate each operating system according to available games, exclusive games and free games.

Available games

If you check out the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store, You will see that each one of these platforms has a huge catalog of games. In fact, a large section of their stores is dedicated to games. The question now is which one offers quality games? It’s not about how many mobile games you can choose from, but the number of games that will keep you glued to your device for hours on end.

  • Android and iOS has around 250,000 game titles.
  • Windows Phone only has around 32,000 game titles out of the total of 140,000 active apps.
  • iOS and Windows Phone have the most downloaded games with rates reaching 4 and a half stars.
  • Android’s top games have a rating of 4 stars.

Given that iOS and Android have many game titles with an average of 4-star rating, both platforms scored high in terms of quality available games.

Exclusive games

An operating systems’ game titles are often a mix of exclusive and third-party games. If you want to look into which OS has the most exclusive titles, iOS 10 would come out as a winner. Not only does it have a significant number games that will only run on iOS, but Apple also makes deals with other game developers, so that game titles arrive first on the Apple OS before other operating systems. Android lacks exclusive games, while Windows Phone only has a small number of titles that carry the Xbox name. These include Kinectimals and Halo: Spartan Assault.

Free games

Among iOS 10, Android Nougat and Windows 10 mobile, Android has many free games, some of which you will have to pay on either iOS or Windows 10 mobile. Regardless of how little the cost, the fact that you have to pay to play will make you think twice about switching from Android to another operating system.

Availability of emulators

Do you want to play retro games or those found in consoles, such as Super Mario Brothers and Final Fantasy, on your mobile device? You’re going to need an emulator for this, which will create the ideal environment with which the game can run. Android and Windows 10 mobile take the prize with this particular requirement, as both operating systems welcome emulators.

On the other hand, iOS 10 or Apple in general has a more stringent policy about emulators. This means you can only find emulators for iOS outside of the App Store, which is less secure and more risky to your device.

Games aside, how does iOS 10, Android Nougat and Windows 10 Mobile as an operating system alone? Find out.