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One of the most asked questions is “when will Pangu release the iOS 10 jailbreaking tool?” It seems that the hacker group has been struggling in breaking the iOS 10. However, according to some reports, Pangu is about to finally release the iOS 10 jailbreak sometime soon.

Apple has just released the iOS 10.1 on October 24, 2016, and it seems that Pangu is now getting ready to finally release the jailbreak for the previous version of the operating system. In fact, there are rumors which say that Pangu will actually release a jailbreak version of the iOS 10.1, as they’ve been waiting for Apple to finally release the iOS 10.1 to the public.

If reports will prove to be right, the hacker group has been closely studying the security patches that have been released during the iOS 10.0.1 and iOS 10.0.2 updates. This means that there are high chances that we will see an iOS 10.1 jailbreak soon enough.

However, keep in mind that this will take longer than a few days meaning that the jailbreak tool will probably be released sometime in the coming months. If you’ve been wondering why it is taking so long, then you should know that Pangu has mentioned that it wants to refine the iOS 10 jailbreak tool before it gets released to the public. In addition, it seems that this tool will work on *ALL* Apple devices.

We remind you that there is no legitimate iOS 10 jailbreak tool available for now and if you see any on the internet, they are probably just some malwares which will mess up your device. Pangu will most likely make some official statements in the coming weeks about the situation of the jailbreaking tool and when exactly it will be released to the public.

Will you jailbreak your iDevice once Pangu will release its tool?