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In a virtual gaming environment, there are at least two of the best-known competitors, namely Microsoft HoloLens and the Sony PlayStation VR. In this case, it might just be appropriate to talk about each of these game technologies. Here are some insights about two of the most exciting products to date.

The Sony PlayStation VR

  1. Connectivity – this headset manufactured by Sony should be connected through a PlayStation console to be able to work. Its interfaces rely only on USB and HDMI cables.

This VR headset from Sony is geared towards gaming, so the company is working hard to make sure that there are different titles that should be made available for this exciting device.

  1. New Games – upon the release of the PlayStation VR, ten new games are expected to be launched with it. This means that users who opt for the PlayStation VR will have an array of games to begin with. Perhaps more will be made available as soon as the game will become a global sensation.
  2. Cost – the PlayStation VR costs just around $400. This is expected, as it should be categorized as a new gaming platform.

The Microsoft HoloLens

  1. Connectivity – this new gadget from Microsoft has a reason to boast out because of its wireless connection capability, which makes the device easier to use. In comparison to PS VR, it is made for multiple functions and just for gaming.
  2. New Games – Microsoft has been working hard to acquire apps that should go along with this headset, which include the Holo Studio. Although the device is not entirely marketed for gamers, the company is still working on two game releases for its headset with the Xbox.
  3. Cost – the expected cost of this game platform should be more than that of the PlayStation VR. This might be because of its many functions in comparison.

In terms of gaming purposes, the Sony PlayStation VR should stand out because it is better equipped for games. So, those who are looking to buy a gaming headset for virtual reality games and nothing more, then this should be the perfect product to buy.

However, the new VR device from Sony might not be so hot as the HoloLens, which provides wireless connectivity for gamers. At the same time, it offers convenience unlike any other device in this category. So, even if this device can be perfect for gaming, it should restrict the movements of gamers in the world of VR.

In terms of other purposes aside from gaming alone, the HoloLens should be an easy choice for buyers. Although it should be a bit pricier than its counterpart, needless to say, it must be a better choice. But, since the consumer version for the HoloLens has not been announced yet, the only thing that can be done is to anticipate what coming for the gaming industry. So, when it comes to HoloLens vs PlayStation VR, it should be safe to say that both devices are designed for unique purposes that depend on the preference of the user.