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If you are the type of person that enjoys exploring and finding interesting places you have never seen before, the Google Street View is perfect for you. The app lets you check out the view of any place you want, for example natural places, restaurant, museums and even small businesses. If you need to get to a place and you don’t know where it is, the app can help you with that too, you can check on the app to see a reference point so you can guide yourself, the app also has the option to make your photos spheres.

The features that Google Street View for Android brings are:

  • Management of your private photo spheres;
  • Accessibility to Google’s most popular and special collections;
  • Street View maximum exploration ;
  • The option to review your own public profile where you post photo spheres.

If you are visiting the world you can share and post sphere pictures from where you are using the app. The way to do this is really easy, all you need to do is take a picture of the place with your phone’s camera and you are set to go. The next step required is to upload the picture in the app. The app comes with a profile photo reviewer, and you can also make your photo sphere private, so you are the only one that sees them.

The benefits of using Google Street View App are that you can discover new places, interesting places, and the fun of sharing your photos with the world, or just privately. You can find the Android app on Google Play Store.