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If you are one of the users who have pre-ordered the Google Pixel or Google Pixel smartphones from the Google Store, but you didn’t receive it yet, then we have some good news for you. According to some reports, it seems everyone who is in the same situation as you will receive FREE $50 to spend in the mentioned store.

The free $50 for Google Play Store will be sent via your email, but it seems that the big search engine company is sending the money in phases, and some already got it, while others haven’t.

Some Reddit members that have pre-ordered the Google Pixel/Pixxel XL have received an “apology” email from Google about their Pixel phone being shipped so late. Google said in the email that “We know this can be frustrating, but the good news is that we’ve shipped your order and it’s on its way”. The email continued, saying that Google will send another email soon that will contain a credit worth $50, which can be used in the Google Play Store. As expected, the company ended the email saying that it is sorry and it thanked users for their orders.

We’re pretty sure that nobody will enjoy the first part of the email, but when they see that they get $50 for free, which they will be allowed to use in the Google Play Store, we think that they will have a smile on their face.

We think that Google has done a great job by giving the free credit to the users who had to wait longer in order to get their hands on the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. By doing this, the company has made sure that these users will keep purchasing products from them.

Have you pre-ordered the Google Pixel/Pixel XL from the Google Play Store? Will you purchase any of the new phones from Google Play Store if you’ll receive the free $50 credit from Google?