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Security updates need to be taken seriously by users in order to ensure that they are always protected. The free update for Google Chrome will come when there is a new version available. Depending on the update, your browser will look different after it has been updated. Here are methods on how to get free updates on Google Chrome.

Using Your Own PC

  • Open Chrome and at the upper right corner of your browser, click the vertically-arranged ellipsis.
  • If ever there are pending updates, a colored icon will appear.
  • If you will update Chrome, simply click Update Google Chrome. If you can’t see this button, you are already on the latest version. All you need to do next is to close and relaunch the app.

Using Your Mobile Device

  • Simply open the Play Store app by clicking the icon from the home screen.
  • Notice at the upper left part of the screen tap the Menu and then select My Apps and Games. If there are possible updates, they will be listed under the Updates tab.
  • Look for the Chrome app, under the Updates tab.
  • If you see Chrome on the list, then tap on it to install the update.

Using iOS Devices

  • Open the App Store.
  • From the bottom of the screen, try to look for the Updates.
  • Notice from the pending updates the availability of Chrome and its corresponding icon.
  • You may notice that you can only update if Chrome is included on the list. Simply tap the Update tab in order to install.
  • When you will be asked to enter your Apple ID password, input the corresponding password in order to install after downloading the latest version.

Updates for Google Chrome should be free for download if you have Internet connectivity. Make sure that you have selected automatic updates from your devices to be able to take advantage of updates for your favorite browser. Updating your Chrome browser will provide a better experience and should give flawless operation each time you use it. Otherwise, you will often stumble into problems at the least expected moment.