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There are many mobile messenger apps making people crazy these days. Say for instance, Google Allo, which has a built in Google Assistant. But, how does it go against the biggest names in mobile messaging such as the Apple iMessage or the Facebook Messenger? Here are top reasons why these messaging apps claimed to be the best in their categories.

Say Hello to Allo

  1. Google Assistant – It has a Google Assistant to cater to your needs when chatting with someone else. You don’t have to leave the conversation to ask for assistance over the search bar.
  2. Smart Reply – The Smart Reply should keep your conversation moving as it provide text or emoji responses in accordance with your personality. Moreover, it learns what common responses you do and suggests the next time you chat with just a single tap.
  3.  Slide to Adjust Text Size – This feature provides more meaning to what you are typing. For instance, if you want more emphasis to your texts then simply slide up to shout and down to call it a whisper.
  4. Doodle on Images – Before you send images to your friends on chat, you can doodle on it first to make your point.
  5. Perfect Stickers – When words aren’t enough to convey your feelings, Allo has added Stickers to conform to your current conversation.
  6. Chat with Assistant – You can chat one-on-one with your Assistant whenever you need it. Be it scores from a recent game or the distance you have to travel from home to the airport, you will really get some truthful answers.

The only downside is that Allo has not been made available on the Web, tablets or desktops. You can just use it on your mobile phone.

Apple’s iMessage

  1. It is able to send and forward messages from chat.
  2. You can delete a conversation or message, but you can’t reverse this process. So, make sure that you have all your important information saved prior to deleting messages.
  3. Provides predictive texts that will enable you to make a few taps instead of writing a whole sentence.
  4. You can mute conversations in which you can stop notifications for a particular message conversation but not the entire device. You can still receive other messages and see lock screen notifications.
  5. Able to find attachments from conversations that you can open, delete, copy, and more.
  6. Able to share or send your location in a message.

Facebook Messenger

  1. Determine when people have seen the texts you sent.
  2. Able to make HD calls all over the world.
  3. Able to take pictures and videos.
  4. It has thousands of stickers to choose from.
  5. You can record voice messages from chat.
  6. You will be able to chat with your group.

These are basic features offered by Google Allo, Apple iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. Do you think there is a convincing reason to switch to any of these messaging apps?

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