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A few months ago, the Pokemon GO Craze came to be and people started to assemble in parks, on the streets and any place worth imagining, to capture or collect Pokemon characters. Minecraft, on the other hand, also became popular among gamers who have the knack for building and LEGO.

What if these two exist together? If you were one of those people who downloaded Pokemon GO and you also are crazy over Minecraft, this idea might have crossed your mind. Just imagine looking for Pokemon in a world that you have built or in zombie village. Fight with monstrous mobs and spotting Pokemon at the same time. Wouldn’t that be something?

It was in July this year when there were reports about a Minecraft machine built by a certain Reqaug that can play Pokemon Fire Red for Game Boy Advanced. It was said that a recreation of the 1996 Game Boy game was in the development stage and it will be playable in Minecraft. Some of the features included an option to replace textures and a level editor. That time, dialog and combat were missing.

What made Pokemon GO a hit was the genius behind combining Virtual Reality and gaming. While Minecraft is different from Pokemon GO, Minecraft is now in VR, with the support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Minecraft Pocket Edition, via the Oculus Rift and Gear VR, respectively. This is what makes the two similar somehow.

Also, there have been rumors about using Pokemon GO as an educational tool for children because of the VR platform. Minecraft is also being released in VR. It can be recalled that Minecraft is considered to be a game that many children enjoy and using it as a learning tool for kids might work as well.

Meanwhile, nothing has been heard of about the combination of Pokemon and Minecraft. It would have been an exciting development if it pushed through. Will it really be possible to play Pokemon in Minecraft? As of today, nothing has been heard from the creator but who knows, this can be a reality in the future.