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When rumors about a new addition to an already famous franchise drop, there’s instant clamor for more information. This was the case for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) which is rumored to have begun development on a sixth installation. But just how reliable is the leak?

The notion of a coming GTA 6 was reported on Tech Radar. The article talked about how Rockstar North, makers of the video game, came close to developing an installation of the game set in Tokyo. However, the company soon realized that there were tons of problems if the setting was moved outside of the USA including a change of cars.

GTA 6 in development?

The source who revealed the Tokyo setting also told about preliminary work being done on GTA VI. Given that GTA V was released more than two years ago, it’s reasonable for Rockstar to start developing the next phase of the popular video game series. However, there has been no official word form Rockstar themselves or Take-Two, GTA’s publisher.

Since the companies involved with the development and release of GTA hasn’t said anything, is it safe to assume the revelations of the source? To some degree, yes. On the other hand, it’s difficult to tell for sure as the latest news to come from Rockstar was the launch of the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. This is the game the company is developing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is due to be released in the fall of 2017.

From that, we can safely assume that Rockstar will be focusing all efforts on that project. So any talk of an upcoming GTA VI can be thrown out the window. Plus, there’s the lawsuit brought by former president Leslie Benzies against his former colleagues over royalty payments.

So at this point, no one really knows whether there’s a definitive release date for GTA VI. Maybe Rockstar is awaiting what happens with the lawsuit before proceeding. Benzies was, after all, a lead developer on the GTA series. Yes, there might be rumors about what a future installation but unless we hear an official word, it’s safe to say that we aren’t seeing GTA VI this year or the next.

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