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After 8 long years, the Google Phone is finally out!

It may not have made the news as much as the driverless car did, but it wasn’t exactly just waiting on the wings. And people are quite excited about it. But is it good enough to be pitted against the iPhone 7?

Named Pixel, which could be an homage to Adam Sandler’s movie – or not, it is the flagship phone from the tech giant, a premium smartphone that comes in two varieties – the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

The duo not only replaced the Nexus lineup, but also made for a good competition against the iPhone 7. Not on the looks department, however.

Because let’s face it, a phone that tries to look like an iPhone is nothing more than just a copy or a generic version of it. There’s only one iPhone, after all. But if you look beyond the design, the Pixel does have some redeeming qualities.

Google Assistant vs. Apple’s Siri

Voice assistants have become a major requirement in smartphones. Not everyone may see their value, but they all agree of the convenience the assistants bring.

How does Google Assistant fare against Siri? Let them do the talking.

In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, Marques Brownlee compared both devices by asking the same question and rated them according to response speed, accuracy, and making jokes. Yes, both voice assistants make jokes, and you’ll definitely have a good laugh. But more of that later.

Response speed

Although the difference of the speed with which the voice assistants replied is almost negligent, a split second difference still matters in this context. Between the two, iPhone 7’s Siri is a lot faster, which can be advantageous if you want to know something quick. Speed doesn’t translate with accuracy of information, however.


Does that mean Siri is inaccurate? By a good margin, yes. In terms of providing accurate information and detailed results, Pixel’s Google Assistant takes the prize. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Google is the leader in providing reliable search results, and has made it their mission to penalize websites with the intention to deceive or provide false information. So it would have been a major disappointment if Siri also beat Google Assistant in precision and accuracy.

Moreover, Google is using a new and improved AI that is capable of understanding and factoring questions in the context they are asked. Siri, on the other hand, does the opposite, ignoring the context in some cases.

Making Jokes

Siri has been known to bare her claws when bombarded with nonsensical questions, but she can make jokes too. This is something Apple’s AI is quite famous for, and something that Google wants to achieve as well. Well, Pixel is showing signs of catching up. But you probably won’t see it side by side Siri, in terms making side-splitting jokes, anytime soon. You can trust Google’s Pixel to give one funny one-liners, however.

When it comes to voice assistants, the best choice will depend on what you’re after – speed, accurate information or jokes all around.

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