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The rivalry between PC and Mac has been going on for as long as anyone can remember. If you’ve seen the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, you’ll see that the battle between these two companies is as cutthroat as the next pirate film. To this day, the long-standing rivalry still stands. So, yes, if you are looking for the best operating system for gaming, you will have to choose between Windows and Mac.

Windows wins the game, hands down.

And this is partly because the PC is the more dominant choice between the two, and there are more PC gamers in the world than Mac gamers. There are also other valid reasons why Windows takes the prize in the competition, and even a staunch Mac supporter would agree.

  • The PC dominates the game arena simply because it has a huge advantage over Mac when it comes to available game titles. What’s the point of an OS X that is better served for gaming, when there are fewer games available for it?
  • Windows can be run on different gaming machines, and some of the best gaming rigs run on Windows OS.
  • Most games are optimized for Windows, including the hardware and software. With just a few tweaks, performance will be greatly improved.
  • Game developers tend to create more PC-based games because of its large market, just look at the numbers on Steam. As of January 2015, Mac gamers only make up 3% of the entire Steam population. In the overall PC market in the US, Mac gamers only occupy 13% of this space.
  • Mac computers have mobile GPUs, while Windows computers have desktop GPUs. The former is less powerful when used for gaming, while the latter works as the opposite.
  • A PC is more interchangeable and upgradeable than a Mac. Whenever your PC starts getting old, you can easily swap hardware parts, such as the graphics card, RAM or processor, to improve performance and gaming capability. This is usually not the case with Mac computers.
  • The PC has communities supporting gamers, allowing them to interact with other players and ask for advice. If you go to a major Mac community, such as Mac Rumors, with regard to game-related concerns, you would gain fewer answers, or be advised to install a copy of Windows for better gameplay, which will take up hard drive space.
  • Windows PCs are more affordable than Mac computers, which is partly due to the fact that there are many computer manufacturers competing within the same market. With each company capable of producing devices with different hardware and software configuration, there is a huge variety of Windows machines to choose from. While the gaming PCs are a category of their own, wide availability still plays a role in affordability.

Moreover, even the least expensive PC can become a gaming rig with just a few tweaks. The most affordable of all Mac computers, on the other hand, which is the Mac Mini, lacks a display, keyboard and mouse. Its performance and specs make it unlikely to become a gaming computer as well.

Here’s one last blow to Apple, it is possible to stream and play PC games on iPad and iPhone. Ouch!