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The Creators Update was announced at Microsoft’s press event a few days ago. Users were expecting new features such as blue light reduction or Windows Holographic integration, but it seems that Microsoft has brought other important changes which haven’t been mentioned and we thought that you should know about them.

Custom Accent Colors

Users who want to customize the look of Windows 10 are able to choose one of the custom accent colors available for the taskbar, to match the wallpaper. Microsoft is offering a picker with advanced options and before choosing what you like, you have the possibility to preview what the color will look like in Windows.

New Themes In The Windows Store

Microsoft has added a “personalization” section in the Windows Store from where users are able to buy themes for Windows 10. Fans of Minecraft and League of Legends will find special themes inspired from these games and these themes can be extended over to the dashboard for Xbox One

The People Bar

Thanks to the new people integration into the taskbar, users are able to quickly send Skype or emails to their friends and to easily switch between Skype and Email within the same window. It would be great if this type of app integration would be extended to third party app developers.

Groove Music Maker

With this music creation tool, wannabe artists are able to add sounds from various instruments, select riffs from a library and play with the length of tracks until they are satisfied with the result.

Full Pen Support To Office

This feature was teased earlier this year, during the Windows Ink introduction. Now that it’s finally available in Creators Update, the feature allows users to easily manipulate and delete text in Word, or leave comments on documents.

A Tab Browser Option In Microsoft Edge

The page-preview option will be expanded so that users will easily navigate current tabs. Soon, Microsoft will add a session manager for Edge, which will allow users to restore tabs (which were open even weeks ago) from before they closed the browser.

Windows Defender

It seems that Windows Defender has become a universal app, so it will no longer need to sift between modern and old desktop apps for basic settings.