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WhatsApp has 1 billion monthly active users, while Telegram has only a hundred million. However, these two messaging applications are claimed to be the most secure. In fact, these two messaging applications have become so popular especially because they are promoting and protecting privacy.

It seems that Amnesty International has made a report and found out that WhatsApp is doing the best to use encryption in order to protect the human rights against threats. The company has added that WhatsApp is also warning users when end-to-end encryption is not applied in the application, which is a good thing.

We remind you that the end-to-end encryption has been added to WhatsApp back in April 2016 and later on, many other similar platforms have followed it. Amnesty has also mentioned that Telegram is not applying end-to-end encryption by default and it doesn’t warn users that regular conversations are using a poor form of encryption.

There are reports out there which are suggesting that Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp. However, Amnesty said they’ve ranked WhatsApp of being more secure than Telegram because the latter mentioned application is not using end-to-end encryption by default and many users might not know that.

According to this report, we can say that WhatsApp is the “safest” mobile messaging application which you can use to chat with your friends and family. Even if Hangouts, Snapchat and Skype are pretty “unsafe” (as there are high chances that someone could see the messages that you send in there), they are still being used by a good amount of people. However, we think that it is a matter of time until many mobile messaging applications will start using the end-to-end encryption in order to lure people to register.

What are your thoughts about end-to-end encryption? Are you using Skype to send messages to your friends or do you prefer to use it only for Voice/Video Chat?