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One of the most popular and free messaging apps is WhatsApp, but it’s also been riddled with controversy. For instance, some political leaders have claimed its end-to-end encryption could lead to terrorists. How so? The function won’t allow third-parties to view conversations between two app users.

Brazil has even shut the app down three times.

The latest problem regarding the app is the privacy terms change that lets the program share account information with the popular social media network Facebook.

Despite the issues it’s had, it’s still a rather popular app for people to use. And, because of that, it’s received a host of updates and improvements such as the group chat invite feature that lets a user send shareable links.

This feature can be tested by downloading and installing the app’s beta file, which includes numerous bug fixes as well. With the new group invite feature, administrators can bring in new users to a Whatsapp Group. The button for this is located above the contact list and says, “Invite to Group via Link.”

Once pressed, the program will generate a unique URL that may be shared with several contacts or with the public. There are three methods that the links can be shared:

  • Message through a third-party app
  • Physical NFC tag
  • QR code

If the admin doesn’t want to invite anymore folks, they can revoke the invite links.

Users can also use the app’s other new feature – a quick forward button – that allows them to share media in a conversation immediately.

If you like the latest features the beta update has to offer, visit the Play Store, look for the WhatsApp app, and download and install it.