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Just like any other top tier app in the industry, WhatsApp must constantly bring new features to the table to please its users and maintain itself relevant as the app market constantly bring new contenders to challenge the champions.

In this article we will take a look at the newest WhatsApp features that are here to improve your overall experience with the app.

There have been important changes on WhatsApp since the last update which featured revolutionary improvements as well, such  as the ability to send videos and PDF files, but also integrated cloud sharing and the pop-out video feature.

The latest update features @Mentions, which lets you mention anyone you want in a group chat, and also on the flip side, helps you not lose your mind when there are hundreds of unread messages in your group chat, and you don’t know how many of them actually concern you. With the new @mentions, group chats can be a little bit more organized so people know exactly when a message is addressed to them.

One of the most popular media format at the moment is GIF, as the popularity of GIFs is at an all-time high. WhatsApp has taken note of this rise in popularity of GIFs, and has integrated them in their software, making it possible to send and receive GIFs on WhatsApp.

With the new update, WhatsApp has also managed to reduce some of the competition Snapchat poses, by actually implementing image editing tools that give off a Snapchat like vibe.

Another new feature involves the enhancement of the photo taking process on WhatsApp, by adding some new tools such as your screen turning up brighter when you use your front camera to take photos, acting as a Flash, which improve the quality and efficiency of your snaps.

These features, alongside an array of others such as font control, message quotes and cloud support, but also some new privacy options, make the newest WhatsApp build worth grabbing. If you spend a lot of time on WhatsApp, there are plenty of things to get enthusiastic about regarding the new WhatsApp version.