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WhatsApp messenger was introduced in 2009 as a multi-platform messaging app that allows users to send text messages, images and videos to other users. This free mobile texting app allows users to create group chats and can be downloaded on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Blackberry.

In 2015, voice calling became available for Android users. At the start, there were glitches despite the clear quality of calls. These flaws included instances where users’ audio sounded like echoes and there were delays in conversations, for around one to two seconds. However, these issues were only intermittent and just like any other VOip services, calls are not always excellent because of the signal.

Calling friends and family using WhatsApp is free even if they are located in other countries although data charges may apply. This is because this app uses internet connection instead of the mobile plan’s voice minutes.

Barely a month after WhatsApp calling was available for Android, the company started to roll out the calling feature to iOS users.  Currently, Android, iPhone, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone users can now enjoy free calls to friends and family who are also WhatsApp users. For Windows Phones, only those that are 8.0 and later models support the WhatsApp calling feature while on iPhones, those with iOS 7 and later versions are capable of this call feature. However, emergency numbers and 911 are not accessible via WhatsApp.

Making and Receiving WhatsApp Calls

Calling your friends and family is simple with this feature. By just opening the chat conversation you have with a certain contact and tap on the phone icon/button on top of the screen. Conversely, receiving a call is easy as well. It works the same as in answering a regular call from your smartphone. Simply tap and slide the green phone button to answer the call. For declining it, choose the red button and slide it.

When WhatsApp started to allow calls on the app, users have found another way to get in touch with their loved from different parts of the world via internet calls. While other VOiP services are already available, having options always gives a positive vibe.


While still, perhaps, the most popular messaging app in the world, there is one thing noticeable about the demographics. In the more than 1 billion people who have downloaded WhatsApp, 70 million are from India and others are from Brazil, Russia, Mexico and Africa, with 32% of millennials that use WhatsApp globally.

It seems that Americans are not really fans or familiar with this instant messaging app. Maybe it’s because of the fact that there is a plethora of mobile phone providers with flat-rate packages on calls and text messaging. While it has many interesting features, plus the messenger app now owned by the social network Facebook, its popularity seems to be only from countries other than the United States and Europe.

Meanwhile, the latest WhatsApp update for Android has been released. This promises performance updates and bug fixes, among others.

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