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If you are one of the fans of Minecraft, chances are, you are also a lover of LEGO. While this game might be considered by some mostly enjoyed by children, this modern day “Super Mario-like” game is also loved by gamers from all ages. Aside from tapping the players’ creativity and letting them build cities, block by block, Minecraft also is responsible for making the experience full of excitement with the available skins that players can upload and customize.

With the latest Windows 10 Edition Beta of Minecraft, mob skins can now be transformed into different images or designs. That said, the boring default skin can be altered and customized according to the preference of the player.

On the computer edition, a player can install and customize the skin of the characters for a price. On the profile page, a valid “.png” image file need to be uploaded to alter the original skin. Conversely, for the console edition, there 16 default skin types with half of those are for the model of Steve while the other half are for Alex.

Meanwhile, transparent skins are allowed in the Console Edition since players are not able to create skins of their own. The only way for them to add customized skins is via hacking. Tempting as it may seem, doing so will affect the warranty of the console and the player can be blacklisted to the other game console networks like Xbox Live and Playstation for a prohibited game or console mod. A skin pack is available for Console Edition, though.

Minecraft skins can be downloaded from various websites like Minecraft Skins and Skindex but players are advised to be careful with downloading from unsafe sources. Moreover, it is always best to read about the latest news about updates, such as, the Windows 10 Edition Beta custom player skins for more information.

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