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The original Candy Crush Saga game was released back in 2012 and various spin-off games have been released over the years but a direct sequel has never been released; the insane popularity of the series is rivaled by only a few other mobile game series.

Several years have passed now and Candy Crush Saga is still at the top of the popularity charts for mobile games and is still a top grossing app; it’s also just been announced that a live-show is now being produced for TV. Two teams will be fighting to be crowned the “Candy Crush Champion” and reports suggest that competitors will need to use their physical strength to complete the interactive challenges on the game board.

The exact details about this TV show are still unknown but this would be the perfect time to release the sequel to the insanely popular Candy Crush Saga puzzle game; considering there are various spin-off games, it’s uncertain exactly what a sequel could contain.

Any sequel to the popular puzzle game would feature upgraded graphics to make the game look more modern but the abilities and game mechanics may be slightly different to make the game stand out from the spin-offs. Each new game in the series has added new game mechanics to the game and any sequel would need to build from this to create a game that stands out when compared to all of the games in the series.

Developer King has been silent about the potential for Candy Crush Saga 2 and fans will be left in the dark about this until they finally make an official announcement.