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Rumors about a new Temple Run game have been floating around for quite some time now and there has been no new developments in this; developer Imangi Studios has not released any news about an upcoming game which has left fans slightly confused.

It was originally thought that Temple Run 3 would be released in 2015 however, this didn’t happen and now fans are hopeful that the game will actually be released this year. The developers released the previous games with two year gaps between the game and as the last one was released in 2013, it was expected that a new game would be released in 2015.

There haven’t been any new games from Imangi Studios in a while now so there it would make sense if the team was hard at work developing Temple Run 3.

Temple Run 3 is expected to feature new obstacles which will challenge even the most experienced Temple Run players; the second game added a large range of new obstacles to the game such as zip-lines and mine tracks which allowed for more interesting tracks. Considering what’s already been released into the games, Imangi Studios will need to think outside of the box to design new obstacles to challenge players.

As to be expected from a sequel, it will feature upgraded graphics that will be focused towards the newer mobile devices; gamers should also expect to see the new game being released for Windows 10 also for Windows Phones and Windows 10 PC’s.

While fans are speculating what the next game will contain, there is still no news about when Temple Run 3 will actually be released and developer Imangi Studios still hasn’t confirmed that they’re working on the game.

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