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Last month, we have reported that Assassin’s Creed is included in Xbox Gold October 2016 but it looks like it’s not the only game that made it to the list.

Xbox’s Gold October lineup includes many interesting hand-selected collection of free games exclusive to Live Gold members only. Check out if the game in your wish list is included.

The Escapists

This one is for those who love a game that requires some wit and smarts. The Escapists is a strategy game that requires players to create an escape route from prison while considering the prison schedule. Yes, it was inspired by the hit TV series Prison Break, providing players the opportunity of experiencing a light-hearted insight into prison’s daily life.

While the goal of the game is for players to simply escape, the details of the execution can get a bit tricky and complicated – much like in real life – because as a player, your day is split between attending roll calls, eating meals, and doing your chores while planning your escape at the same time. If you are up to the challenge, better download the game now because it will only be available until the 15th of November.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

If you enjoy baseball on any level, then you will definitely love this one. Super Mega Baseball is an arcade sport video game for all ages. Despite its comical presentation, it has super realistic simulation  and physics with excellent difficulty control scheme that levels the playing field for beginners and seasoned players. And the probably the best thing about this game is that it allows up to four local co-op play against the CPU. Visit Xbox Store now and download it while it is still available for free.

I Am Alive

Ubisoft’s I Am Alive is a survival game that takes place in post-apocalyptic America after it has gone through a massive disaster called simply as “The Event.” It is mainly for the Xbox 360, but it can now be downloaded on Xbox One using Backwards Compatibility program. I Am Alive is exclusively available for Live Gold members for free until the last day of October. So, better download it now!

MX vs AT Reflex

Rainbow Studio’s off-road racing game is developed for those who love the fast life and enjoy the adrenaline rush. The Reflex is the third game in the MX vs ATV series which core focus is to allow players to motocross and supercross on motocross bikes or all terrain vehicles. Compared to its predecessors though, Reflex was built from the ground up, featuring new physics engine and control scheme. The latter was labeled “reflex”, hence the name, and utilizes both analog sticks. Also new to the MX vs ATV series is Reflex’s real-time terrain deformation which allows any vehicle to make a carve into the earth as they actually do in real life when suddenly braking, accelerating and the like, making the game extra realistic.

If your fav game didn’t made it to this list, don’t worry there’s still November. And with the Christmas fast approaching, who knows Xbox might give extra free games.