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Fans of the endless running game have been eagerly awaiting news about a sequel; Subway Surfers was released in 2012 on the wake of the popular Temple Run game. Unlike most other games released in this time period, Subway Surfers was able to survive after the sudden interest in endless runner games had ended.

Unlike other games in the endless runner genre, players need to collect coins and other rewards as they run through obstacle filled world. The urban settings allowed for a more interesting world compared to other games and allowed the developers to use classic urban based hazards in the game which are familiar to most players.

Since the release of the game in 2012, there have been a huge number of updates for the game with a variety of special World Tour versions being released. Despite this, an official sequel was never released for the game. The developers are still dedicated to the game however and release regular updates for the game with the most recent being released this month.

New rumors about a potential Subway Surfers 2 have slowly been emerging with some claims that the developers are looking at creating a new game; the new game would receive a modern overhaul for the graphics and gameplay. It would also feature new urban related obstacles however there has been no news yet about what else could be included in the next game. Some fans have suggested the the developers could include festival parades or criminal activity as obstacles that players need to avoid.

Developers Kiloo and SYBO Games have still been silent about the issue of a new game and fans will be left in the dark until they make a formal announcement about this.