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A teaser trailer from Niantic Labs confirms that Pokémon Go is rolling out an update for Halloween. According to the video, the release will allow players to encounter spooky characters and get more candy during the trick-or-treat event, which will run from October 26 until November 01.

Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat are expected to make more appearances during that week. So players who haven’t captured these monsters should take advantage of this update while these creatures run wild.

Another treat Pokémon Go fans will be getting for this Halloween event is an increased number of Candies that players will get for every character they capture. They will be receiving six Candies instead of the usual three. And instead of getting just one Candy for accomplishing a distance requirement of a Buddy Pokémon, you will be receiving four. If you have certain multiple characters, wait for the event to start before you go about transferring them to Professor Willow so you can take advantage of the two Candies the professor is giving out per monster during the Halloween festivities.

This seasonal event will hopefully bring back a bit of the hype the game got when it was first launched a couple of months back. Its popularity has somewhat dwindled in the past months, but these awesome treats are surely great rewards for players who will go back to hunting for Pokémon out in the real world.

Aside from the expected Halloween update, the developers at Niantic have also just recently released more improvements. According to the game’s website, Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have different patterns, depending on the distance required to hatch them. You will also now be alerted when your battery is low for Pokémon Go Plus. There are also some minor text fixes, plus each character’s info screen has been updated to include icons for Pokémon type. Stay informed on other exciting updates.

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