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Console fans of The Sims series are still out of luck as the developers have been silent on the issue of porting the game to the PS4 or Xbox One. It was announced earlier this year that the developers had no intention of bringing the game to console any time soon and that the ports had been put on an indefinite hiatus.

Gamers will be disappointed to learn that there have been no updates about this issue despite the original promises made by The Sims 4 development team. Each main game in the series has been released for console shortly after the game was officially released which makes The Sims 4 unusual and could mark the end of the famous series.

It was previously commented by the developers that the future of The Sims would be depended on the success or failure of The Sims 4; according to reports, the game did not reach their sales expectations. Rumors about the port cancellation quoted that as the main reason as to why EA canceled the console ports for the game but the official announcement claimed the team has run into severe bugs which were unfixible on current consoles.

There were hopes that the team would return to the port once the PlayStation 4 Pro was released but there has been no news about this so far.

The developers are currently working on new content for The Sims 4 and a new expansion DLC is due for release next month; it’s still possible that the team will come back to the port once they have released all expansions for the game.