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The Android Nougat has been available for a month now, but still, no one knows for sure which devices are going to see it. If you own an older model Samsung device, you may have to wait to see if your device will be included on the “Nougat update” list.

What is known right now is this: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is set to receive the Android Nougat. GSM Arena found them on Geekbench, with them testing the Nougat. There have been no reports of the latest firmware update improving the devices, but it’s a sign that Samsung is actively testing it.

Reports say Nougat is going to ensure the S7 and S7 Edge has a better, smoother performance over the Marshmallow 6.0 Android – the firmware the devices have installed. As well as the Nougat update, Samsung plans on including the Grace UX – first seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung confirmed its Note 7 would get the Android Nougat update, but it’ll take a few months to get the calibration right and to make sure the custom feature will work as expected on the device. Keep in mind that the model as had a rough go so far, as models have been randomly combusting. This could be why the Nougat has yet to be released on the Note 7.

The Galaxy S6 family is also being reported as getting the Nougat firmware, which is within the two-year timeframe of models getting newer updates. For older device models, it’s all a wait-and-see game as to whether or not they get Nougat.