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Recently, Google has launched Allo, a smart messaging app that competes with WhatsApp and exactly one month ago, it surpassed five million downloads on the Google Play store. This means that Google has reached its goal and the application has generated great interest, although it’s missing a few features. The guys behind Pushbullet have enhanced Allo’s capabilities and added the option to reply to messages from PC.

Pushbullet – SMS on PC versions 17.7 can be downloaded from the Google Play store, so it works on Android devices. This application allows users to send and receive SMS messages from their computer, reply to messages from apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger and now Allo. Users will be able to easily share links and files between their devices, see phone’s notifications on their computer, including calls, and when they dismiss a notification on PC, it goes away on the phone as well.

Pushbullet is ideal for users who have phones with small displays, as they can text using a keyboard and notifications and SMS benefit from end-to-end encryption. In order to reply to Allo messages on PC, users will simply enable Notification Mirroring on Android app, then they will install Pushbullet on their computer, or use it as a browser extension and they will start receiving Allo messages.

As for Allo, the application has a Smart Reply feature that will learn over time about user’s habits and will suggest responses to text and photos. Ink allows users to doodle on photos, or add text on them. Google has given independent artists and studios all around the world the chance to add great stickers to the application, and with the help of Google Assistant, users are able to find restaurants nearby, get answers or share videos to watch. Plus, there’s an Incognito mode that will keep users’ chats more discreet.

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