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PS4Portal developed jailbreaks for the PS3 and had worked tirelessly to hack the various PS consoles Sony has released. It appears they may have cracked the PS4 now too.

According to the website, the team has worked on a jailbreak that would crack the console after the 4.00 Firmware was released. Every update Sony does fix security holes and glitches that hackers use to develop a jailbreaking tool for the device. The team makes this information public to the public so they may, once more, jailbreak their devices and get access to all PS4 games that have been released.

The installation of jailbreaks isn’t easy to do on consoles. However, PS4Portal offers a comprehensive guide on how users can do it. According to the website, users will have to download it onto their PC first and then use a USB to transfer it onto the PS4 console. The hack enables users to download all games for free using various apps and homebrew games.

Based on the different comments on the PS4Portal website, it appears the jailbreak works, but there are some users complaining that it’s a fake.

Of course, before you download any kind of jailbreak, you have to do some research. Why? Many jailbreaks can be fake and often have malicious malware or viruses that can brick a device or steal passwords and other data.

Sony tries to repair all security holes and glitches as soon as they’re made aware of it. So, if the jailbreak is the real thing, you can rest assured that Sony will address it in rapid fashion.