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It is an exciting time for gamers. Gaming hardware manufacturers and video game developers are pitching one product against the other, creating loyalists and sparking arguments about which one is better. The same story goes for Sony and Microsoft, creators of the most popular consoles today. Their newest projects, the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio respectively, are highly anticipated by the gaming world. But do you really have to choose a side and prefer one brand over the other?


Yes, both promise to cram more pixels onto the screen. But other than that, is there something really new they can offer compared to their predecessors, the PS4 and Xbox One? Also, there hasn’t been much details released concerning the specs of the Xbox Scorpio, and the PS4 hasn’t even been launched yet, so it would be premature to decide if one is better over the other.

Exclusive Games

What about exclusive titles? Does one offer better games than the other? It is true that Play Station offers more varied options and that Sony works with more first-party and second-party studios. But Microsoft has plenty of awesome titles. However, the company also works with a fewer number of first-party studios, and the games are more or less shooting or driving types. But if you think about it, players have their own preferences as to what titles they prefer. And is it not possible to play games from both Sony and Microsoft?


When it comes to the price, the PS4 Pro will most likely be a bit cheaper because it is less powerful than the Xbox Scorpio. But if you really want to have a good and fair comparison of both consoles, why not purchase both? The PS4 Pro is coming out in November, while the Xbox Scorpio isn’t expected to launch until 2017, giving you time to save again. Besides, as long as you can play the games you love, a true gamer won’t really mind whether the console is made by Sony, Microsoft, or even Nintendo, right?