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It looks as if Pokémon Go, the hit mobile app that was released during the summer, isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, Niantic, the game’s developer, is constantly searching for ways to better the user’s game playing experience.

And, its newest update offers new features and old ones too.

What Can Players See With The Latest Android and iOS Updates?

Capture Location

It’s a feature that’ll make fans happy. It was a part of the game initially, but in a previous expansion, it had been removed. Technically, Niantic eliminated the faulty Pokémon tracker, resulting in it being cut.

With the capture location feature, you can see where the Pokémon were caught. It uses the GPS data in Pokémon Go to mark the area on a tiny map where every monster has been caught. The data is noted in the monster’s profile screen, and trainers will need to check it out to find out the information.

Pokémon Go Plus and Incense

What’s Incense? It’s the in-game feature that summons Pokémon to the player’s location instead of the player looking for the Pokémon. Incense, with the update, is user-friendly when combined with the accessories in Pokémon Go Plus.

Before the updates were released for both the iOS and Android, trainers had no idea if Pokémon attracted by the incense were nearby. Players were unable to catch them because of it. However, the update makes it easier to do and certainly more entertaining.

Minute Bug Fixes

The update also addresses some minor bug fixes – particularly for ones that cause game freezes when loading and reduces speed during gym battles.

Niantic has promised fans will see exciting changes and features to the game. Pokémon game developer said it was happy with the functionality of the Pokémon Go Plus wearable devices such as the Android Wear and Apple Watch.