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With the hype for Pokémon Go dwindling down these past few months, a Gen 2 release could bring back the excitement for players across the world. According to reports from Poké fans in the technosphere, the new installment is set to bring a whole bunch of new awesome characters that have evolved. Some 100 new Pokémon and 86 new moves are expected. Aside from that, the gameplay will include a new feature where you can acquire Baby Pokémon by hatching them from Eggs through breeding.

As most characters require a certain number of Eggs to evolve, players should take advantage of the Halloween event set to happen from October 26 to November 01. During this period, you can get more than the usual number of Eggs for leveling up a Pokémon Buddy, transferring a character, or capturing.

One of cool evolutions we can expect for Gen 2 is Eevee turning into the Psychic Type Espeon or the Dark Type Umbreon for about 25 Candies. Some fans are guessing that the availability of these characters will depend if you have Sakura/Sayo (who has an Espeon) or Gary Oak (who has an Umbreon) as a trainer. Others are speculating that Eevee’s evolution will be related to Night and Day.

Onix, which is considered as one of the most useless and weakest characters, is transforming into Steelix in Pokémon Go Gen 2. It will cost 50 Candies, but will be worth it since the evolved creature has a Max CP of 1754, a 147 Attack, 238 Defense, and 150 Stamina.

Slowpoke, already one of the strongest monsters, is expected to become even stronger by evolving into Slowking for about 50 to 100 Candies.

These three are just a sneak peak of the dozens of new and evolved characters coming with the new installment from Niantic. The Pokémon Go Gen 2 release is reportedly happening in March of 2017, but rumor has it there is a big chance it could arrive later this year in hopes of bringing back some of the game’s popularity as its player base is dwindling.

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