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Developer PopCap Games announced a new Plants vs Zombies earlier this year however, it’s not the game that fans have been hoping for. The upcoming game is a card game which is based on the insanely popular tower defense series that gamers love.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is the upcoming new game which will be free to play and is due to launch later this year; the information revealed shows a standard card game where players create their own decks from hundreds of cards. Gamers will be able to play as Plants of Zombies with this game and the developers have confirmed that there will be both single player and multiplayer missions in the game with a competitive PvP system.

The release date for the game is still unknown but this new game is a cause for concern in many series fans; the latest games in the series show a clear move away from the classic tower defense roots of the series which has led to the belief that Plants vs Zombies 3 has been cancelled.

It looks like the developers are focusing on other genres right now which is not good news for a new addition to the tower defense portion of the franchise. While it may not sound good for gamers, PopCap Games usually releases a new installment to the main series with a 3-4 year gap inbetween releases. If they intend to follow this tradition still then the game game should be released later this year or in 2017.

There has been no official news about Plants vs Zombies 3 which has led to some fans believing the game has been cancelled; hopefully PopCap Games will make an announcement later this year to clarify what’s happening to the highly anticipated game.

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