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For any Surface Pro fans, there may be a bit of bad news. Tech analysts have agreed that the long-awaited October launch of the Surface Pro 5 isn’t going to happen.

iDigitalTimes is one such publication to make the announcement and cited reasons why it wasn’t going to happen. An obvious reason? Microsoft has yet to make the announcement. Before Surface Pro 4 had been announced, Microsoft made some teases for a few months before its September release.

Microsoft has said nothing about the device. There have been rumors circulating about its specifications such as it being installed with the Intel Kaby Lake, which is set to be released soon and is thought to improve battery life.

Other specs include a screen with 4K content capabilities and a magnetic pen. According to several tech analysts, the standard Surface Pro 5 is not going to have the 4k Ultra HD screen. Instead, it’ll be offered as a paid upgrade, similar to what Lenovo and HP are doing.

The Surface Pro 5 is believed to be pitted against the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 despite there being notable differences. The first is a tablet hybrid; the second a notebook. This could be why Microsoft isn’t rushing the device’s development and release. It doesn’t want to offer a product that’s less than ideal because it wouldn’t appeal to the masses against the MacBook Pro 2016, which has a tentative release of October or November.