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Nintendo DS Emulators are very popular on Android devices and the Google Play store makes it easy to install them; while these apps are easily available through the Google Play store, it doesn’t mean that all of these apps are safe to download.

Most of these apps are safe to download and there are a range of high-quality NDS Emulators available for Android devices; not all Emulators work the same however as some offer much great customization support for changing game controls, the settings and more. Some Emulators can also be very limited with what game files they can run which can leave players frustrated.

Not all apps are safe to download however which makes checking the reviews for them very important; it’s also advised that anyone looking to download a NDS Emulator researches it online also, if the app is a fake then the creator may also have fake positive reviews on their product. When downloading an Emulator for any platform, there is always risk involved as some users can hide malicious software inside the files.

There are plenty of safe Emulators available for Android devices, most of them are not very good however and should be avoided. These five Emulators are safe for Android devices are are some of the best currently available: DraStic, Pretendo, NDS Boy!, NDS4Droid, geNDS.

New Emulators are still being released but information about them is going to be quite limited for some time; those who are less-informed about Android devices should avoid these NDS Emulators for now and let more experienced users check there legitimacy.