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Android 7.0 Nougat update seems to be so elusive to many Android devices these days. Although it was announced from the official Motorola blog the list of devices to get the most awaited update, it was definitely missing something. In fact, the Moto G 3rd generation and the Moto G Turbo Edition, namely the Osprey and Merlin, were not on this list.

This gesture of abandoning support for the said devices after 8 months for Osprey and 3 months for the Merlin only shows that Motorola has clearly ignored the known practice of supporting devices for a duration of 18 months. Moreover, the list also included the Moto G Play (4th Generation) handset that has weaker specs than the said devices.

Moto G Play simply uses the same exact GPU and chipset as the Osprey, but lags on CPU clock speed. This means that the similarity simply suggests that making the update for Moto G Play is much more practical than producing Nougat update for the Osprey.

At the same time, the Moto X Play is on the list, which uses exactly the same GPU and chipset like the Moto G Turbo Edition. This makes both of them compatible to the Vulkan, a cross-platform 3D graphics API.

Take note that the Moto G is a midrange mobile device in which the update support has been shrinking annually. This should be taken seriously because people might lose confidence on Motorola products as the company casually drop support on their best-selling phone.

If people have bought the latest phone from Motorola and lost update support after a couple of months, will it have a positive impression on buyers all around world? This should be a serious case, since Motorola seem to be getting rid of recent products they have released a few months ago.

As the general public would like to have it, perhaps this is the time that Motorola should take heed in their request of including the Moto G3 for the Android Nougat update. This might not matter a lot to the company, but it should win back the trust that the people might have invested in.