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One of the latest interesting news about international game phenomenon Minecraft is the Virtual Reality environment. In case you have been busy the past months, this creative game has become a part of the VR world.

Minecraft has been available in different platforms, from PC to smartphones and now, in Virtual Reality. There are two Minecraft VR supports, one for Windows 10 edition, the Oculus Rift, and the other one for Minecraft PE, for Gear VR.

There is much to expect from this new platform, given the continuing popularity of Virtual Reality and another great news is the availability of demo stations in some Microsoft stores where players can get a feel of the low-fidelity Minecraft VR version.

Features to be expected from Virtual Reality include, Virtual Living Room, Turning and Enhance VR Controls. For the first one, this is where players can learn about simulation and play the game. Here, you will be familiarized with the environment and go inside the world of Minecraft. Next is the challenge of turning while in the VR world and the last, there have been improvements in the way the player moves to ensure moving in the virtual reality world is easier and smoother. Instead a game console controller, you get to move your character by simply moving your head.

With the VR headset taking on monstrous mob attacks is taken to a more exciting level. This is the closest you can go in the Minecraft world as you explore into dark caves with 3D audio and these include all the features you enjoy in the Pocket Edition, such as skins, survival modes and number of players. Conversely, with the support for Oculus Rift, a free update for Microsoft 10 Edition, these features will also be a treat.

With Minecraft VR available in Microsoft stores and new experience it offers to its players, this game will definitely make waves again.