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After the delay of the release of the Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.16.0 which was supposedly last October 18th, the roll-out of the much-awaited update is already here. But around four days after the expected date, the game for Mojang is now back in the news again with the exciting features of the Minecraft PE update.

Before this, the last update, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0, was in June 2016 and was made available for all platforms. This most recent update made it possible for a smaller edition of the game and is available for tablets and smartphones.

It can be remembered that a tweet was posted about the delay of the Big Boss update by Thommaso Checchi in which he admitted some fixes needed to remove the bugs, more particularly with Creepers. But all’s well that ends well.

The good news is, the update is now available for Android phones via the Google Play Store. Also, there are a number of exciting features to treat Minecraft users.

This update will include slash commands, user-interface fine-tuning, Ocean Monuments, Guardians and Wither Boss fight, among others. Moreover, this update offers something new, by allowing for customization of the game with the use of MS Paint and Notepad. This is the first Add-ons iteration.

Another treat is the powerful mob, the Wither Boss, who was encountered in the desktop version of the game. Also, Minecraft can now be customized in terms of appearance and behavior. Not to forget the Elder Guardians capable of lazer-shooting. The Windows 10 Beta version already has a Minecraft skins update and Minecraft Pocket Edition players will also be able to download skins and customize how the characters look. Other Add-ons also allow for an alteration of the behavior of the mob as well as the worlds. There is also a dedicated page for Add-ons.

With the new Minecraft Pocket Edition Update features, players can expect more excitement and freedom in playing the game.