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There is good news for Minecrafters! The twelfth snapshot for “Minecraft” 1.1 has been released, targeting bugs and crashes. Aside from that, there are some notable changes in the gameplay.

Some of the issues from the released versions before 1.1 that are now fixed are the problem of maps not updating after going through a nether portal, two players getting stuck on a ladder when they are going up or down a ladder, (Splash) harming and healing potions still applying their effect even when it’s been specified not to, and not being able to trade with villagers when holding a spawn egg.

As for problems from the 1.11 development versions, the issues that have been fixed with the 16w42a snapshot are maps breaking after leaving the end, item names shown in the ‘/give’ command feedback have no ‘hoverEvent’, and having no play placed sound and subtitles when placing blocks on a cake.

The issues from the previous development version that are now fixed include the game crashing when you give yourself items with negative durability, Elder Guardians spawned from spawn egg/command don’t have full health, as well as Skeletons and wither skeletons spawning anywhere in the Nether.

As for the changes, three of the most notable ones are that witches have been grounded, arrows have a ‘crit’ tag to determine if an arrow will cause critical hit damage, and vexes can now do more damage.

It seems each upgrade just makes the world of Minecraft even more awesome. Mojang is surely working hard to ensure players and fans of the game continue to receive fixes, updates, and even new exciting episodes to keep Minecrafters engaged and wanting to discover the world of blocks and adventure even more. On a final note, remember to back up and run snapshots in a different folder from your main worlds to avoid corrupting them.