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The month of October is almost coming to an end, but the exciting news about COC doesn’t seem to stop. In the past few days, fans of “Clash of Clans” have been talking about the leaked data on future updates that could include specials for Halloween and one that could very possibly involve wrecked ships.

According to the COC site All Clash, the dataminer spAnser has uncovered a lot of awesome developments in the game that have not been released yet. Other “Clash of Clans” followers are also coming up with some pretty interesting theories as to what the upgrades could include.


Aside from pumpkin decorations, there could be a gameplay feature of a Goblins versus Wizards tournament. But this will all be just in the spirit of spooking and tricking and will be available just for a certain time for Halloween season.


Expected to a part of the December update is the exploration or repair of a shipwreck. It will most probably be a part of daily quests where you have to fix the ship and receive coins, or hopefully gems, after the vessel is completely repaired. All Clash revealed that shipwrecks can be fixed starting at Town Hall 4 for 50,000 Gold. And since this upgrade will make use of the seaside area, some fans are hoping this also means we will be seeing sea monsters or mythical mermaids too.

Other improvements spotted from the leaks include boosted aerial defenses, a Barbarian King statue for decoration, and new looks for Wall Breakers, Golems, and Hog Riders.

There hasn’t been any official announcement from Supercell yet about a Halloween update or other new additions to the game. But the COC team has been busy improving the game, so let’s just hope these spotted leaks are really future awesome developments in the making.

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