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It only seems like yesterday when Honor – the sub-brand of Huawei dedicated to making mobile devices – launched the Honor 6X in China. On October 25, the phone was finally made available in the Chinese market. The smartphone was hailed for being built with a dual lens camera – a feature available with high-end devices – but retailed at a budget range. But other than having two rear shooters, what else do we know about the Huawei Honor 6X?

It is available in three varieties

Just like the devices offered by Apple, Honor has more than one variant of their Honor 6X model. The three varieties are: a 3GB RAM phone with 32GB internal storage, a 4GB RAM phone with 32GB internal storage and a 4GB RAM phone with 64GB internal storage. The starting price for the device is RMB 999 (around $150). The other two configurations are priced at RMB 1,299 (about $190) and RMB 1,599 (around $240).

It is available in five different colors

Users will have the option to choose from five different colors when purchasing a Huawei Honor 6X, and these include blue, gold, grey, rose gold and silver.

It doesn’t have an international release date yet

There is reason to believe that Huawei will make the Honor 6X available in other countries. After all, the Honor 5X was sold in the US. Given that it has specifications available on high-end smartphones but at less the price, it makes sense to make this phone available in other markets clamoring for budget smartphones. As of this writing, however, there hasn’t been any official word from Huawei regarding the international release of the Honor 6X.

The Honor 6X is Huawei’s latest addition to their smartphone range – the most recent being the Honor 8 launched in July of this year. The 6X makes significant improvements over the 5X and looks geared towards the photo-taking crowd.