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Last August, we reported that the popular racing game is set for a 2018 release and then retracted our statement in September, reporting that Rockstar Games is dissing the sixth version of the game so that it can focus on DLC for Grand Theft Auto 6. We have had a hard time accepting that GTA 6 won’t see the light of day ever – we’re sure GTA fans out there can relate – so we tried to snoop around the web for any encouraging news.

Not to get your hopes high, but Grand Theft Auto 6 is still in the future, albeit far future. Rockstar has not released any official statement about it yet, but rumor has it that the sixth installment of the game is possibly to launch in 2020. The production delay is mainly due to financial constraints related to the new feature that Rockstar would like to include in the game – the VR or AR support.

It can be remembered that when Rockstar released GTA 5 last September 2013, it racked up a massive profit of $800 million within 24 hours it reached the shelves. Now it seems that the game developer wants to break that record by making big investments into the game’s successor and placing newer technology into its software, which is planned to be a virtual-reality game.

With VR technology already popular among mainstream devices, the idea of GTA 6 being compatible with virtual reality is not far fetched. However, to see that through, the company could be looking at  a massive budget, hence the rumored delay until 2020.

Rockstar has consistently followed a five-year release cycle for its Grand Theft Auto franchise. This is the first time the game is seeing a delay. In a press conference, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies was noted as saying, “We’ve got 45 years worth of ideas we want to do.” A statement, which gamers took to mean that the company is taking its time developing the GTA’s sixth installment. In the meantime, GTA fans should wait until the developer announced or revealed information about GTA 6. Everyone can rest assured though that if it is taking longer to create, then it is definitely going to be something big.

Speaking of which, GTA fans have already written their wish list for the sixth version. Among which is the return of the jetpack which was included in 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Many players said that it was the coolest mission vehicle ever as it gave them the ability to fly on foot and gave them a different of San Andreas.

Also, gamers would like to see the old health system returned. With the goal of making the game as close to real life as possible, Grand Theft Auto 5 came with a reduced health system, making it so easy to die in the game. Other things fans would like to see in GTA 6 improved are hand-to-hand combat, more interactive buildings, option to play as a police officer, and additional side activities, such as being going on a date, hanging out with friends and a variety of mini games.

As for the game’s setting, there have been a lot of rumors as to where GTA 6 will be located.

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