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In the arrival of the PlayStation VR, there is a good reason to stop talking about the hardware already. This means that it is only fair to talk about the more important topic – the games. If you can’t wait for the latest updates about the best games that you can play on your PlayStation VR, then make yourself comfortable with this exciting list.

  • Rez Infinite

First on the line is the one developed by Monstars + Enhance Games. Rez Infinite is reportedly 15-year old game from Dreamcast. It used to be a game that will let one get in the zone, but due to VR head tracking, it becomes an almost hypnotic game. It has a sense of speed, while its spot on head tracking when targeting the enemy makes it easy to lose track of reality when you play this game.

  • Batman: Arkham VR

Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham VR is referred to as the best intro as a platform to the PlayStation VR. Basically, it doesn’t have tons of gameplay in this game, but has an amazing visual setting that will demonstrate its platform power. This will provide incredible vistas and levels of immersion when solving crimes in Gotham while getting a chance to face the greatest adversaries of Batman.

  • Battlezone

If you love arcade games in the 1980s, you should appreciate this one developed by Rebellion, named Battlezone. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have some iconic status as other games do, its game world is amazingly absorbing. Likewise, it should be one of the few titles that you would be able to enjoy with your buddies on a platform like this.

  • The Playroom VR

Sony has developed this VR game that can be downloaded for free, unlike the others in this list. The cast of the game involves tiny robots tossed into different amusing situations. In fact, it is a platform that looks just like a Mario Party game. This should be perfect for bigger crowds.

  • Superhypercube

Basically, this game is fun but not just like the fun you can describe by VR standards. The game was developed but not focused on doing anything complex like you can observe in many mobile games such as Breakout, Candy Crush, and Tetris. The only target of the player is not to mess up.

  • Wayward Sky

The younger ones should finally have something to have fun with in terms of PlayStation VR games. This is basically an isometric puzzle game in which you have to solve puzzles to help reunite the daughter who is a pilot to get to her father. It offers a mix of sad, fun, and heartfelt, giving the game a journey that is rather emotional in nature.

Other exciting VR games may include:

  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – this focuses more on a horror genre.
  • Thumper – offers boss battles and aesthetics that are certainly set out with hellish visages.
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – shares a sense of fun in teamwork and communication to help stop a bomb from exploding.

These are just a few of the best PlayStation VR games that you might want to check out one of these days.