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Augmented Reality games are nothing new, they’ve been around for several years and this is a very varied group of games. Pokemon Go may have made this genre popular but there are plenty of similar games that are guaranteed to interested Pokemon Go fans while they wait for new content.


This game blends Pokemon Go with Ghostbusters as players are sent out into the world to hunt down ghosts; it uses Google Maps and GPS to determine positioning and also the smartphones camera to display them in true AR fashion.

It works in a similar way to Pokemon Go making it the perfect game to migrate to if Pokemon Go is becoming tedious.


Most AR games are focused on bringing gaming elements directly into the real world through the smartphone but Geocaching is a very different game. Players are sent around the world to discover real items that are hidden around the world in potentially the largest treasure hunt ever devised. It sends players on a treasure hunt around the world to find items, trade with others and place new containers down in the world for other players to hunt down.

This is a very different type of AR game as it encourages players to physically search for real items; it’s a different challenge and for those looking for more of a ‘real world’ experience, this game is perfect.


It wouldn’t a list of games similar to Pokemon Go without Ingress, the game that forms the basis of the map for Pokemon Go. Players must travel to different locations around the world to hack portals and strengthen them to support one of the teams in the game. The portals are found in the exact same locations as the PokeStops and Gyms in Pokemon Go; there are also various teams to join with PvP occurring as teams battle to control portals.

Ingress is very similar to Pokemon Go and still has a dedicated player base which makes it perfect for new players.