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The new update brings a series of positive changes to the PS4 title. Once of the new features is the addition of support for PlayStation 4 Pro. The game’s developer, Rebellion, has implemented a series of upgrades for the new system launch on November 10, including  dynamic lightning upgrades for the Cobra cockpit, and lightning resolution  as well. Also, players will enjoy super sampling resolution to get the maximized visual experience.

According to the game’s developer, Battlezone has become a major success both critically and commercially only two weeks since its release. This update can only build on the game’s already strong foundation, adding new features to the experience.

There is also word of another DLC incoming which will feature campaign content, and will be free.

Some of the features that have been implemented in Battlezone 1.0.2 are:

Ensuring PS4 Pro compatibility

  • Higher super-sampling resolution;
  • Cockpit dynamic lightning boosted for the Cobra;
  • Reflective lightning resolution increased.


  • Updated Convoy and Defend missions to ensure balance;
  • Campaign features a more balanced randomization of difficulty;
  • Campaign receives balancing for enemy rank scaling in campaign.

Other fixes

  • Particle effects receive improved clarity;
  • Bug causing player to leave the game world due to a rare physics issue has been fixed;
  • Enemy behavior has been tweaked minimally;
  • Frame rate bug during the hangar sequence has been fixed.

Due to PS4 Pro, more developers are being asked to boost their games so that they offer PlayStation 4 Pro support, especially the VR game developers.