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Samsung may be in a really bad shape, bruised and battered, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 exploding like a lit firecracker, accidentally thrown into a roomful of explosives, but the Korean company will most likely rise from the ashes – no pun intended, with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Well, don’t think Apple will just stand there and let Samsung enjoy the stage. The Cupertino-based company is rumored to launch the iPhone 8 as well, and most likely about the same time as the Galaxy S8. It’s going to be a battle of the infinity (∞) phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 Specs Comparison

Nobody really knows what features will be retained, added, or removed from either smartphone, but people love to speculate, and some even base their theories from reports and company performance. So what can we possibly expect from either brand?


iPhone 8 is said to go for an all-glass design, based on reports that suggest Apple’s biggest supplier Foxconn is working on an iPhone case that is devoid of metal. With display a major focus, the Home button is rumored to be chucked out the window as well.

What will happen to the Touch ID sensor? It would still be an integral part of the handset, although Apple has yet to figure out where to put it. What is certain, however, based on company patents, is that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the display.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, on the other hand, will stick to the metal-and-glass body, with little change to the choice of materials. The company will also introduce two variants – 5.1-inch handset with a 2.5K screen and a 5.5-inch 4K display. Similar to Apple, Samsung also plans to remove the Home button from the next phone under the Galaxy S series.

Since the fingerprint sensor is also found in the Home button, it has to be relocated as well. Reports suggest that this may be placed under the display, and will be transformed into an optical scanner. If this happens, accuracy will greatly improve, as optical is more accurate and faster than ultrasonic sensors.


Samsung is said to be placing orders for components needed to make a dual-lens camera. But the company is actually playing catch-up with Apple, since the iPhone 7 Plus already has the said feature. Better late than never, however. Other reports also suggest that the S8’s camera will have DSLR quality.

How does Apple intend to compete with this?

Super resolution – sharper and higher quality images. The company wants to take the top spot in smartphone photography, and they’ll do anything to achieve that. The iPhone 8’s camera will be better than that of the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is looking for ways to improve its sensor technologies and analyzing how they capture light.

Other technologies that will be packed in with the iPhone 8 include optical zoom capabilities, HDR+ and OIS.

It seems that both companies are working to capture a new market – smartphone photographers.

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