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Adobe has released a new emergency patch for its Flash Player. It seems that the issue that had to be fixed was assigned with the code name CVE-2016-7855, which was able to hijack almost any kind of computer, remotely. We suggest you to update your Adobe Flash Player right away or you risk getting your computer infected!

Adobe said that an exploit for the exploit for CVE-2016-7855 already exists and it is being used in limited-targeted attacks against users that have computers running on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The company hasn’t explained how exactly this bug works, but it seems that the issue could allow hackers to take FULL control of the infected system. There are chances that this flaw could also affect Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS, but until now Adobe hasn’t confirmed this. There are already websites which are advising users to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player, but it is not the case (yet). We agree that many big companies have already switched to HTML5, but it will take about one year until most of the big companies will work with HTML5.

Keep in mind that if you use Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome, the Adobe Flash Player update will be done automatically, so you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you use Opera, Safari, Firefox or older versions of Internet Explorer, you will need to manually install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player from the official website.


We agree that Adobe Flash Player is not safe, but whether we like or not, we still rely to this player for now. However, as soon as HTML5 will be more popular, the Adobe Flash Player will surely die.

Are you still using Adobe Flash Player on your computer? Tell us your thoughts about it!