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Adobe Flash Player… most people recognize the name, not for what it can do, but for the security problems associated with it over the last few years. There are a plethora of websites that are heading to new platforms such as HTML5, but still, there are many others still using Flash to offer content.

If you have no problem not watching videos or playing games on the Internet, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and in the browser.

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Adobe Flash Player

Of course, to do this, you need to be safe when you download and update the program. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Adobe Flash Player to view Flash-enabled content:

  • Download the program from the official Adobe Flash Player site – – and uncheck the box next to the third-party apps that the developer offers as well. You don’t need them.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player in all web browsers. This is a mistake most people do, as they think that updating Flash in one browser updates them all. However, you have to update the browsers one by one to make sure they all have the latest Flash Player version and have protection from the security risks.
  • Don’t update the player via the notifications you get from Windows Startup. While most do come from the publisher, there are instances when malware is pretending to be Adobe get through. To reduce your risk, only get the updates via the official website.
  • Permit Adobe to automatically install updates. You won’t have to manually install them for yourself. And, if you want better control over what gets downloaded and installed, click on the “Notify Me to Install Updates” box. When updates are available, you’ll be notified of them. Be sure you download and install them right away.
  • Don’t update Adobe Flash Player on websites you feel leery of – porn site, illegal-sharing websites, etc. If you get a pop-up telling that your Adobe Flash Player is out of date and needs to have a new version installed before you can view their material, chances are it’s a malware looking to infect your computer.

You need to be vigilant about your safety and security when surfing the ‘net, especially if you’re using Adobe Flash Player to view web content.