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Media is something we constantly move around and use on our computers, and one of the most popular tools for managing the media content on our devices is Windows Media Player 12. The software has become a staple of media playback, and since the release of Windows 7, it started shipping with the operating system so Windows users are able to get their hands on it from the get go, which means they don’t have to search, download or install anything. The media player’s rise in popularity can be attributed to the vast features it offers.

Despite its impressive number of features, the interface manages to remain simplistic and clean, offering no confusion to newcomers to the application. Windows Media Player 12 allows you to watch all your favorite video content effortlessly, as it comes with a predetermined database of codecs. However, there might be video files that use codecs not yet learned by the software, case in which it will immediately download and apply them, so you can continue enjoying the media.

Some of the other features that come with Windows Media Player 12 are the iDevice support, the Jump List and 15 second song preview for managing your library, and enhanced media streaming capabilities. What the last one means is that Microsoft has taken the media streaming feature found in older generations of WMP as well, and upgraded it so that now you can share music to others devices connected to your network, and stream to any of them in a moment’s notice. The only requirement is that the other devices run at least Windows 7, for compatibility reasons.

The player used to come with a taskbar mini player which in the new version has been moved over to the hover over windows for when you hover over the Windows Media Player icon in your taskbar. As a casual user, you won’t need to dabble too much with settings and configurations, but if you know what you’re doing or just want to fool around, Windows Media Player 12 offers you a wide variety of options that let you twist and tweak you experience with the software.

In conclusion, Windows Media Player 12 is more than capable to handle any media-related needs you might have in a timely manner and with utmost efficiency, as Microsoft has fine tuned what was already a good product and made it even better.