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Google has released its “Allo” service which many have assumed that will destroy the WhatsApp application. Well, it seems that WhatsApp has just received a new feature that allows you to make Video Calls. This means that the big search engine company will need to find a new feature that the WhatsApp application doesn’t have, in order to lure some of its users.
However, today we will not talk only about WhatsApp and Google Duo, but also bring Hike into discussion and give you some information about the Video Calling feature that all these three applications support.

WhatsApp: Video Calling

After you tap on the small call icon that you use to make voice calls, you will notice a pop-up window that will ask you to choose between making a voice call or video call. Keep in mind that this feature is currently in BETA and this means that you will be able to make Video Calls only to users that have the latest WhatsApp BETA version installed on their smartphones. The Video Calling feature is currently available on the WhatsApp BETA version on Android and Windows Phone.

Google Duo: Video Calling

The Google Duo comes with an interface that’s restricted to only video calling. In other words, you will just need to tap on the Video screen call button that’s located on the middle of the screen and find a friend that you want to call. You will be able to make video calls only to the users that have the Google Duo installed on their smartphones. There is also an addition feature called “Knock Knock”, which will allow the person that you’re calling to see you while you are ringing. Google Duo is available on both iOS and Android.

Hike: Video Calling

While using the Hike application, you will notice a Video Call button located on the top-right button. Keep in mind that this option allows you to choose between voice and video call via a window pop-up. You will be able to make Video Calls only to the users that have Hike messenger updated after September 2016. We remind you that this feature is compatible with many network data conditions, which includes the 2G network.


It is good to know that all three applications come with a pretty good and working Video Calling feature. However, when it comes to the level of popularity, we have to admit that the WhatsApp application is still the most used application compared to Google Duo and Hike.