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Many might not be aware of this, but using Microsoft Silverware can lead to serious malicious issues that can lead to security breaches that you wouldn’t want to have. Some have already experienced these problems at a degree or another, but in this quick guide we will see how we can solve the issue completely.

To achieve this, one must choose one of two routs, according to his or her preference:

  • You can either update Silverlightand reduce the amount of weak points that can be exploited;
  • Or you can uninstall Silverlight altogether, and removing any kind of threat of being the victim of malicious invasions.

Giving Silverlight’s version a check and update

If you decide to keep Silverlight, you must first go over to Microsoft Silverlight’s official web page. After a few moments of waiting, you shall be informed of your current Silverlight version, and will find out if you are up to date. In case you are not, you can update Microsoft Silverlight through Microsoft Windows and the Windows Update feature which usually downloads and installs updates automatically, as it recommends. If your Windows Updates is turned off, go over to your computer’s settings and turn it on, and the Silverlight update should come through.

Getting rid of the problem completely

For those that have decided to not take their chances and renown Microsoft’s Silverlight  for good, all you have to do is go to your Control Panel. Under the Programs and Features subcategory, you should be able to find Microsoft Silverlight in a list containing all your installed applications. Select it and press the Uninstall button, then wait for the uninstalling process to finish. Now Microsoft Silverlight is completely removed from your PC and the threat of a malicious occurrence should be nullified.